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Thanks to effective hoarding from an old friend of his, we have recently been gifted with the reappearance of an old interview Wayne gave for the Barnsley programme in - I think - the 85/86 season. Now with the benefit of hindsight and a new role in the game, we've asked Wayne to revisit his answers and update them for a 2bos exclusive.

Profile on Wayne Goodison.jpg

The real efficient beauty of which is, when you think about it, we didn't even have to come up with any questions...


Full Name: Christoper Wayne Goodison

Birthplace: Wakefield

Birthdate: September 23, 1964

Height: 5ft 11ins



Then - 12 stone

Now - 13 stone


Then - No

Now - No



Then - Ford Escort

Now - BMW 1 Series

Previous Clubs:

Then - None

Now -

Coaching: Ramsbottom United, Trafford FC (twice), Salford City (twice), Rossendale United, Chorley.

Playing: Buxton, Accrington Stanley, Hyde United, Rochdale, Crewe Alexandra, Barnsley.

Worst Injury:

Then - Cartilage in left knee

Now - Bowel Cancer!

Favourite Football League Player and Why:

Then - Peter Reid, a great passer of the ball.

Now - Kevin De Bruyne and Sam Hare, both intelligent passers of the ball.

Favourite Foreign Player and Why:

Then - Maradona, always willing to try the unexpected.

Now -Sergio Busquets, consistently reliable.

Favourite Other Team:

Then - Leeds United

Now - Barnsley...

Best Current British Team:

Then - Southall, Stevens, Sansom, Lawrenson, Ratcliffe, Reid, Hoddle, Strachan, hughes, Rush, Lineker.

Now (Best Current Premier League Team) - Ederson, Alexander-Arnold, Chilwell, Van Dijk, Stones, De Bruyne, Gilmour, Silva, Sterling, Aguero, Mane.

Current International XI:

Then - Southall (Wales), Bossis (France), Junior (Brazil), Lawrenson (Ireland), Briegel (West Germany), Platini (France), Reid (England), Giresse (France), Rush (Wales), Rumenigge (West Germany), Hughes (Wales). 

Now (All Time Non-League Team - Coached) - Shenton (Ramsbottom), Koral (1874), Smart (Trafford), Jones (1874), McCartney (Trafford), Murray (Chorley), Smith (1874), Hare (1874), McGowan (1874), Payne (Trafford), Eatock (Chorley).

Wayne Goodison Pointing.png

Favourite Away Ground:
Then - Elland Road

Now - Elland Road as a player, Congleton as coach.

Best Goal Seen Scored:

Then - George Best, Manchester United vs Sheffield United, 1973.

Now - Lee Knight, 1874 vs Rylands. Or, Callam Gardner, 1874 v Congleton last season.

Most Difficult Opponent:

Then - Paul Simpson (Manchester City)

Now - My Girlfiend...

Most Memorable Match:
Then - Football League debut vs Fulham.

Now - My debut as a player v Fulham away in 1983. Or, as a coach - The Macron Cup Final.

Magic Moment in Football:

Then - Playing in the first team after being told I may not ever be fit again.

Now - Before the game and then after the final whistle at Leighton away in the vase. Incredible scenes and turnout from '74.

Biggest Disappointment:
Then - Being injured for nine months.

Now - A ten day decision...

Favourite Other Sports:

Then - Tennins, Rugby Union.

Now - Rugby Union/League. Cricket.

Miscellaneous Likes:
Then - Food company, winning, honesty.

Now  - Same.

Miscellaneous Dislikes:

Then - Ignorance, losing.

Now - Same.

Favourite TV Show:
Then - Cheers, Bilko.

Now - This Country, Question Time.

TV Show You Always Switch Off:
Then - Crossroads

Now - ANY reality show

Favourite Reading:

Then - The Times, and any good book.

Now - Same.

Favourite Music:

Then - David Bowie

Now - Bowie/Joy Division/New Order/Delights plus many others

Favourite Food and Drink:
Then - Very rare steak, wine, and whiskey and dry ginger.

Now - Still rare steak, but less alcohol these days.

Best Country Visited:
Then - Canada

Now - Hong Kong

Favourite Actor/Actress:
Then - James Cagney and Jenny Agutter.

Now - Still Cagney and Agutter.

Best Film Seen in Past Year:
Then - The Killing Fields

Now - Joker

Best Friends:
Then - I have a few.

Now - My Son and Daughter

Biggest Influence:
Then - Bobby Collins

Now - Bobby Collins

What Don't You Like About Football:

Then - People in important positions who don't know what they are doing.

Now - STILL THE SAME! Those in important positions who do not know what they are doing…

Then - None.

Now - Always go through the same set of pre-game information with the players.

Pre-Match Meal:

Then - Ham omelette.

Now - Still an omelette!

International Honours:

Then - None.

Now - Still none…

Personal Ambition:

Then - To lead a happy life.

Now - Stay happy and healthy.

Professional Ambition:

Then - To go as far in football as I can.

Now - See the players at '74 get the success they deserve.

Career After Playing:

Then - Something to do with social work, I think.

Now - Banking, recruitment, coaching, currently training to be a university lecturer.

Player for the Future:
Then - Scott Sellars (Leeds United) and Andy Rhodes.

Now - Lucas Weir, Nathan Okome, Taylor Kennerley, Kane Drummond.

Who Would You Most Like to Meet:
Then - David Bowie.

Now - My Dad one more time.

Advice to Youngsters:

Then - Watch and listen to older professionals.

Now - Enjoy every minute of it and play as long as you can. Want to improve no matter what stage or age you are.


Thanks, Wayne!


Now, if anyone is killing their eyesight trying to read the writing in the red box from the original interview, don't strain yourselves, I'll copy it out for you below.


I'm afraid I don't have any advertisements for pork pies and sausages, though...


"'Young Player of the Year' in the 1982-83 campaign, Wayne was sadly out of action all the new season through injury, and at the age of 19 faced the prospect of having to make a come-back!

It was the cartilage in his left knee which caused all the problems, and he was told at one stage that he might not ever be fit enough to resume his career.

However, with typical pluck he fought his way back to make nine first team appearances last term to add to the two very impressive games he had played against Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United after making his Football League debut against Fulham at the age of 17.

With Paul Futcher suspended and Larry May injured, he was given the opportunity to start this season in the middle of the defence, alongside new signing Kenny Burns and another youngster, Simon Jeffels, and when Nicky Law was left out for the next game at home to Brighton he was switched to left back.

A product of the club's youth policy, Wayne says he owes a good deal to former youth tem coach and manager Bobby Collins.

And you will note from the personal details given above that he will be 21 on Monday.

Happy Birthday!"


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