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Possessed by the spirit of Jimmy Glass, one of our regularly contributors imagines how a team of 1874 keepers might line up - first published back in November 2019 in Issue 002.


1. Matt Woolley (GK)
Facing fierce competition in the squad, Woolley is my nod to take the gloves. An able deputy in the absence of reckless previous ’74 keepers, Woolley has a 100% “not being sent off whilst in goal” record, an important attribute for my team.

2. Josh Samberg 
Samberg only played the one game for ’74 , but he makes my team at right back. Mainly to give the lad another go – I felt sorry for him, especially after he even lost in the bowls night against me!
3. Matt Green
Made eight appearances for us in “The Season of Keepers”TM. Nearly got benched after receiving a red card away at Squires Gate but I’ll trust him here. He can talk the talk on twitter, so will hopefully be able to transfer that confidence into a new position - he’s also left footed, so that’s a bonus!

4. Andrew Robertson 
Famous for that save against whoever it was in the Mid Cheshire Cup Final. Good with his feet, no nonsense movement off his line, built like a brick shithouse. A certainty in the centre of my defence.

5. Tony Aghayere
Big T gets the nod at centre half, mainly for the amount of times he has already clattered opposition forwards. His stature is a big reason for making the starting XI, but he also brings experience from higher up the footballing pyramid. His cool head also means he will be able to play out from the back; Goodison’s dream!

6. Matt Conkie (C)
No nonsense, won’t care if he takes the ball first or the man. My captain, as I feel as though if I didn’t make him skipper he’d break my legs! He hates Witton as well (allegedly), which always goes down well, and get extra marks for the pitch invasion against them as well – excellent bits.

7. Callum Spencer 
Slight in stature, feel as though he would be the best pick of an untrained bunch to run up and down the wing. No idea about his crossing ability to be honest, but if he doesn’t beat the first man he’ll be getting hooked straight off.
8. Dane Rigby 
A nice presence to have in midfield. Was always good with his kicking so I’m hopeful he can ping some nice balls out wide. If nothing else, he’ll nail the opposition players – lovely stuff. 

9. Greg Hall
Would just be funny to be honest. No other reason. Stay off the trampolines though Greg!

10. Nick Ward 
Name a more iconic pairing than ’74 #10s and the name “Ward”. I’ll wait…

11. James Fossdyke
I started realising how ridiculous this idea was by this point to be honest, and I was being told to do some actual work, and Fossdyke was just the next one on my list. So in he goes.


12. (Retired, obviously)

13. Stu Wellstead (GK) 
Stueyyyyy. Yeah, had to be an outfield player as sub keeper, obviously!

14. Tom Hunt 
Lucky to make the bench after his outburst against the Riff Raff when he played against us for Linnets, as well as getting sent off for a handball outside the area. Got very cross and defensive about wearing a pink kit, so he wouldn’t be able to play away from home for us now either.

15. Adam Leake
Can’t remember this guy to be honest – bench.
16. Neil McDermott
Played vs Witton in the semi-final. Not sure enough about his fitness to give him the full 90, but he makes the bench for turning up in such a high pressure game.
17. James Coates 
All round good guy, and came to watch the ’74 in the cup final in May, so he earns his place on the bench. Think he might have retired though.

Dave Stephenson

Co-Goalkeeping Coaches:
Wayne Goodison
Paul Bowyer

(originally published November 2019)


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